Hey guys! I’m Livvy and as you’ve probably already read I am an English travel blogger, on a mission to get everyone to achieve their traveling dreams! 

I was born and raised in Somerset with my one older sister and two younger sisters (unfortunately for my dad he only had girls!). I work as a sales assistant in a retail shop and I have now decided to write this blog as a way of sharing my true passion, which is jetting off and setting sail to distant lands! 

I have been to many places including; Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Australia, most of Europe, and the USA, plus a lot more locations! When I was younger our parents would take us to lots of UK-based locations, which was amazing, but I always knew I was destined to travel the world! 

I have travelled with my family, a group of friends, and also ventured out by myself, which was very exciting and terrifying, at the same time! 

My goal in life is to blog full-time on this blog and be able to make a living as a travel blogger, so I really hope you love what you read and feel inspired by Ever Travel. There is nothing quite like writing about something you love and this is why I want to do this forever! 

Thank you for reading and safe travels!