The Ever Travel Blog

Have you ever wanted to pack up your bags and travel to a distant island? Or perhaps wander around a city that you’ve never been to before? Well, this is what the Ever Travel blog is about, helping your dreams to become reality. There are so many things that can be overwhelming whilst we plan our travels so hopefully, this blog can help you to organize yourself and have the best holiday that you’ve ever had!

My name is Livvy and I am a 26-year-old blogger from Somerset in England. I have always been passionate about travelling and I love the way you can be transported into an entirely new place with different cultures and landscapes. So every year I save up to go on my next brand new adventure!

I have been to many places around the world, which is why I feel so equipped to start up this blog and give some great tips to get you going on your own adventures!

I am so excited to see whether some of you have visited locations on my advice or have been to places that I have never been to and give me some tips in return! Either way, I am having the most fun ever writing this blog and sharing it with all of you guys! 

Safe Travels!