With the numbers of Luxury hotels rising each day, it has become harder to determine which hotels will offer you the best services with the assurance of value for your money. Most hotels advertise more services than they actually offer or even deliver a much lower quality of service they claim. With this in mind, is there a hotel that will actually do what it promises?

I introduce to you Ayana Komodo Resort. Opened in September 2018 in Waecicu beach, the hotel is the first and only 5-star hotel in Flore’s Island. Having created a huge buzz in the industry since it’s launch, reviews of the hotel confirms that the hotel delivers exactly what it promises.  With so many activities and amenities offered, here’s why you should stay at the hotel:

1.The Hotel’s Setting.

If you are looking for a calm place where you will relax and just enjoy a cool breeze while letting off your steam, then Ayana Komodo is the place for you. Located in one of the most beautiful Islands in Indonesia, the hotel is surrounded by pure heavenly sceneries. White beaches, the cool breeze, and crystal blue ocean water is bound to set your heart and mind at peace.

This setting makes it suitable for your wedding, romantic get-aways or even family vacations, ensuring that you experience the best of nature.

2.Luxurious Rooms.

How would you like waking up to a perfect view of the ocean, with the sound of the ocean waves rushing below and the cool breeze gushing into your room? You can turn this from a dream into a reality at Ayana Komodo. The Guest rooms have been designed facing the ocean and offer a perfect view of the private jetty from the room.

With the availability of a master or twin bed, a separate living area, modern bathrooms, and a spacious balcony, this hotel offers an experience to leave you in awe. With more than 150 guests’ rooms, you can be assured that all the guests for your wedding or party will bloom in comfort.

3. Cruising Services.

Indonesia, being an archipelago, has so many of its features in the ocean. With the Island of Komodo having so many beautiful features, the hotel allows you to set sail around the Island, getting to view the best of Indonesia. With the option of hiring Ayana’s cruise ships the hotel allows you to host your own private events on the ocean.

4. Numerous Activities to Enjoy.

If you love thrill and adventure, then  komodo dive resort is your best place. With Komodo National Park close by, get to visit the park and enjoy interacting with numerous marine animals through fun activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, marine walks and stand up paddling. If you don’t enjoy water activities, hiking to hilltops and sightseeing of bats during sunset are still available to set your moods right.

You will also get the chance to see Indonesia’s famous Komodo dragons which are assumed to be the largest land reptiles in the world.

5. Amazing foods and Romantic dinners.

One highlight during your visit to Ayana Komodo is the provision of foods from Indonesian, Japanese, Asian and western cultures to ensure that everyone’s preference is well taken care of.  Whether you are on a family retreat or even a honeymoon, you get to have a professional personal waiter who will attend to your every need.

For lovebirds, be prepared for an amazing dinner under the stars, with some slow music playing in the background, a bouquet of flowers on the table and your personal waiter in hand with champagne and a menu with dishes as per your desire.


You will also get to enjoy Spa services done by experts who understand the traditional healing methods practiced by the ancient Balinese people. With numerous other benefits to be enjoyed, Ayana Komodo Resort has made it clear that it is the only hotel worthy of your stay.