Since 1998, Cinque Terre are part of the UNESCO heritage due to the unique natural beauties appreciated by travelers from all over the world.

If you are going to plan a trip to this popular destination, it is very important to choose the right accommodation where to spend your free time. For example, Villa Margherita, is one of the most charming boutique hotels in Italy. It is located in Levanto, the first village a few minutes by train far from the Cinque Terre but, what is a boutique hotel and why boutique hotels are so popular in Italy? Let’s answer your questions and plan your trip together.

What is a boutique hotel

The words “boutique hotel” was invented in the USA and it is used to indicate small luxury hotels characterized by a cozy and intimate dimension. Usually, they are family-run hotels.

The most important difference between a boutique hotel and large hotel chain regards the type of services. The services offered by the boutique hotels are customized and they are designed in order to meet the needs of every type of guest, from backpackers to family with children. The plus is the intimate dimension you can find here, the experience to be in an hotel that is like your own house. Charm and comfort can’t miss in boutique hotel, of course.

Why boutique hotels are so popular in Italy?

Italy is a very popular destination among tourists from all over the world. From India to China, from Australia to Europe, thousands of people visit the Bel Paese every year, looking for unique experiences. Italy meet these needs because it has so much to offer due to the great variety of natural and architectural beauties.

Boutique hotels are very popular among visitors who are going to spend a long time in Italy. A few days are not enough to visit the whole country. Usually, foreigners spen from 15 to 30 days visiting all the main Italian cities. This is the reason why they look for a long term accommodation that ensure them high level services.

Also, some tourists look for luxury services because they want to relax and enjoy the experience, and think about nothing else.

At least, tourists want to have an authentic experience. A trip to Italy should be something more than a walk through the alleys of Florence or a a swim in the Mediterranean Sea.

Boutique hotels in Italy answer all these needs especially because many of them are family-run historic villas. For example, Villa Margherita in Levanto.

Why should you choose Villa Margherita boutique hotel for your stay?

Villa Margherita is a family-run boutique hotel located in Levanto, Cinque Terre.

It is set a few steps far from the railway station. It will allow you to reach it by foot in a few minutes and to take a train to the five villages of the Cinque Terre easily.

The building was built at the beginning of the Nineteenth century. It is a classic example of Italian Liberty Architecture. The interiors ans the gardens are the same of that time.

What make unique this hotel is the large space outside the building. It is equipped with three private gardens where you can have breakfast or relax. The largest room have a private access to one of the gardens.

All comforts of an house are ensured to guests: air conditioning, free wi-fi, hairdryer, minibar, free mobile phone and safe.