Chichester is one of the most beautiful towns in England that you can find at West Sussex. It is not a destination in which you can enjoy numerous activities, but it is a necessity if you wish to learn more on the history of Britain in general.

It is a small town that will provide you numerous monuments that feature historical significance such as 900-year-old cathedral as well as a theater that features megastars’ that performed back in the day.

You can also find numerous traditional shopping streets that are unique in Britain since they feature glorious coast and a Roman floor that creates an effect of an entire city. We can consider numerous reasons why you should visit Chichester, and throughout the article, you will learn why we think like this:

  1. Moondancing

This particular city was a center of an original Roman wall that was created back during Roman’s invasion on Britain.

It is a clear monument that represents the historical importance of this particular city, especially if you have in mind that the center remained the same from day one.

When you reach Tudor Market Cross (click here to learn more about it) that was created at the beginning of the 16th century, you will see that four pedestrian streets will point to south, north, west, east, and all of them are connected and interlinked with Georgian terraces, which are amazing.

Even though people enjoy buying, stuff online and through the internet, this particular perspective will leave you breathless because you will have a comfortable and stress-free place to purchase new things.

We recommend you to check out a small British chain of chocolate shops called Montezuma, which is impressive consideration for people with a sweet tooth. At the same time, you should know that East Street Shop is narrow, so you have to stretch so that you can pass it around.

You can moon dance inside without thinking that you will find prominent brands, but only pieces that will leave you a breath of old ages.

  • Admiral Hotel

We recommend you to check out this significant hotel, which is the main pit stop for most tourists and fellow travelers. It is a Georgian townhouse that was refined with appealing interiors as well as exteriors that will provide you peace of mind.

Even if you do not want to stay here, when you sail next to Channel, you will notice its remarkable beauty. You will be able to enjoy in amazing central staircases that are utterly different from any others you have seen, so taking elevator would be losing precious time.

For instance, General Eisenhower was the person who dined in this particular hotel before he landed at Normandy, which means that you can find a combination of different times by entering here.

  • Raise Your Historical Perspective

We have mentioned above that Chichester wanted to keep all buildings low so that nothing could compete with the cathedral, which is a glorious presentation of Christianity that was made 900 years ago.

Even though it is old, people are trying to refinish it, and it is moving as times are changing. Therefore, you can find parts of contemporary art on it, as the way of combining old and new styles and approaches.

You can find tapestry by John Piper, windows by Marc Chagall, as well as paintings made by Graham Sutherland, in combination with old gothic perspectives that will stand the test of time.

You will also notice 12th Century Lazarus Reliefs, which are two carved stones that are presenting the fall and rising of Lazarus. Even though the spire collapsed in the middle of the 19th century, Gilbert Scott restored it to the previous appearance.

By entering this site: you will learn more on this particular cathedral.

  • Roman Perspective

As soon as you reach a Fishbourne Roman Palace, you will see the finest and most beautiful mosaics that you can find in Britain that includes cupid-on-a-dolphin, which is a prominent figure.

Everything started back in the first century AD, and as Roman civilization collapsed, others wanted to restore its natural and original beauty. That is when Lottery funded the opening of these mosaics, and you can check them out when you reach there.

It is something you have to visit if you wish to understand the importance of historical landmarks within Britain and Chichester in general.