Also spelled Labuhan Bajo, the serene and beautiful town is located in the Island of Flores. It is an explorer’s paradise with wonderful surprises awaiting those who make their way to the town. Labuan Bajo has grown expeditiously over the years from a small fishing site to a buzzing tourist attraction.

It is almost impossible to imagine that not too far away are the feared and revered Komodo dragons. In fact, these creatures are the main attraction to Labuan Bajo. The ora, as the locals call them, are almost irresistible. Other animals also exist both on land and water.

The City of Sunset

A Labuan Bajo hotel will be convenient for visitors who plan to visit Komodo Island and the ora. The Komodo national Park is close to the town. Moreover, it is also the best place to experience the spectacular Indonesian sunsets.

There are many points that you can enjoy the sunset every evening. It is almost like a show.

The Wonders around Labuan Bajo

The town is surrounded by wondrous destinations and sites that you must attempt to see. Some of them include:

  • The Mirror cave

It is only four kilometers away from the town. The cave was founded in 1951 by a Dutch archeologist whose studies drove him to conclude that Labuan Bajo was once an underwater town. Indonesia’s very own Atlantis one might say. The locals call the cave Goa Batu Cermin.

  • Bangko Cave

This is a cave you can take a swim in. You also get the chance to check out the paths that lead to Cunca Rami and Cunca Wulang.

  • Bukit Cinta, Puncak Silvia and Puncak Amelia

From these points which are not far from Komodo Airport in Labuan Bajo, you have a beautiful view of the island. If you stay till evening, you will also enjoy a spectacular sunset unlike any you have ever seen before.

Foodie Paradise

Everybody loves good food. However, some love it more than others. Kampung Ujung is a foodie paradise. You can head there with friends for a delicious local cuisine experience at dinner time.

Romantic Getaway

The wooden cottages that spot thatched roofs are the perfect hideaways for honeymooners or couples out to spend some quality time together. The cottages are surrounded by tall trees and shrubberies that hide them from the bustle of the town.

Ideal for Adventure

Close proximity to Komodo Island and the choice of land or sea exploration make Labuan Bajo the perfect spot for adventurers. You can even opt for the liveaboard experience where you live at sea for several days and make the rounds of the fabulous islands and dive and snorkel to your heart’s desire.

You can also swim with the manta rays and experience the aquatic life deep within via dives. Padar Island and the incredulous pink beaches are favorite destinations for many visitors.

Cultural Experiences

The major ethnic groups found in this area are:

  • The Bima
  • The Manggarai
  • The Bugis

They live harmoniously with people from diverse parts of Flores such as Maumere and Ende. There are descendants of the Chinese as well as people from ethnic groups found all over the archipelago.

The cultural diversity is simply astounding. You can venture into the villages and observe the locals in the natural surroundings. You also get to experience their traditional music and dances.

Indonesians are deeply religious people who even build shrines in their homes. They are also very spiritual and believe in spiritual healers and seers. There temples all over the land including in Labuan Bajo where people meet to worship. Visitors are welcome too.

Visitors are made to feel appreciated and welcome with welcoming ceremonies and traditional dances in some of the villages. The warmth and friendliness of the Indonesian people are legendary.

There are other towns on nearby islands such as Seraya and Bidadari where you can get accommodation. The Wae Cicu Beach is also close to the town and you enjoy some time on the beach as well as resorts and hotels with great views.


Labuan Bajo is a town that has grown rapidly due to interest in the nearby Komodo National Park. It has also attracted a lot of attention on its own merit being a beautiful town that is serene even as it attracts scores of visitors.