When you think about Italy, you think about a place that attracts visitors on a daily basis for its centuries-old history, its majestic nature and its delicious food. After all, what else do you need to choose a place for your vacation? Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to spend weeks or months on holiday, and unfortunately, Italy is huge. Therefore, if you are planning to pay a visit to this country for just a few days, you should definitely make a choice between all the different, gorgeous areas and simply choose one of them. Here are our suggestions.


It would be a crime not to start this list with Rome. From and artistic point of view, the possibilities are endless, since the city is embedded in bequests from the Roman Empire such as the Colosseum or the Colonna di Marco Aurelio. But don’t mistake it, the artistic treasures of Rome come from many other periods that came later. And in this sense, it is impossible to forget about Villa Borghese and its gallery, one of the greatest evidences of the Renaissance.

For the rest, our suggestion is to experience areas such as Testaccio, full of trattoriewhere you can try delicious local food, or Trastevere, with its amazing architecture, evocative lights and its multiculturalism.


In Tuscany culture is at the root of everything. A fresco by Pierodella Francesca represents the spirit of an area that for centuries has invested in art. But culture, for how it is intended in Tuscany, is not just in art. A bowl of ribollita soup, one of the most famous local dishes, is an experience that goes beyond the mere pleasure for food. A glass of Chianti, tried in one of the many wineries that are present across the region, will give you the perception of the care and love it is made of. And spending a few days in the many locations offered by the tuscany now villas italy services is a once in a lifetime chance to admire landscapes like you have never seen before.


If you imagine Milan like something similar to Rome and Florence, you are wrong. Not that the city doesn’t have much to offer in terms of history (Brera is a little gem that you must visit, at any cost), but Milan is different. Due to its centrality in the fashion field, it is the most cosmopolitan city of the whole country, with a lot of modern buildings, some of the biggest companies on a national and international level and, obviously, endless shopping opportunities. There are shops where you can find the most famous clothing brands but also street shops and boutiques that give the city a unique atmosphere. If you are looking for an international and diverse place to be in Italy, Milan is the right choice.


Greek temples, Baroque buildings and Norman churches. Breathtaking landscapes such as Mount Etna or the gigantic beaches with crystal clear seas. An unparalleled cuisine tradition based mostly on fish and the warmest, easy going locals of the whole country. What else do you need to take Sicily into consideration for your Italian holiday? Rent a car and spend a few days moving around this island discovering its diversity and excellence. Youwillnotregretit.