I have been a long term traveller for quite a while now. The initial stages were difficult but I learnt a lot during those stages. Now I can create itineraries from experience, I know the places to go, I know what sort of people to be away from and I know whom to indulge. All these were learnt by committing mistakes. Given below are a few common mistakes that a long term traveller should avoid:

  • Planning your itinerary in a wrong manner is the most common mistake. You should research about the places you want to visit. You should not visit a place when it is not conducive to traveling, you cannot go on a Safari in Kenya during the rainy season, so make sure that you plan your itinerary based on the place. While traveling from one place to another ensure that the ticket prices are low and do not hop from one continent to another and back, ideally you should visit one continent at a time.
  • A very common mistake which most do and even I did was to sell most of my things and give away the rest when I went on my first long term trip. Eventually I had to come back and when I came back I had to buy the same things and that cost me a lot. What I do nowadays is I place my things in storage units Beaverton and then proceed on my journey. I know my things are safe and I know that I can get them back whenever I want and the rent is nominal so I am not spending too much too.
  • Another common mistake that first timers do is to spend a lot of money on new found friends. It is fine to spend some money but you should not be spending a lot as you will shoot your budget and you can find yourself in a financial hole.
  • Staying in costly hotels is a mistake that is often committed by first timers. Remember that you are a backpacker and you are there just to spend a night before moving along so try to find hostels and stay there, if the option to cook is available it is even better. You should stay in bed and breakfasts or motels that are cheap but liveable. You should also eat in eateries where the locals eat as they are bound to be delicious but cost effective. The more money you save the better your travels will be.