Wayanad is a lovely countryside place in Kerala with waterfalls, lakes, coffee and tea estates, and such amazingly beautiful sites. The climate is wonderful and gives travelers a great opportunity to explore the land to their heart’s content. Can you believe that Wayanad has more than 90 places you can visit and explore? Amazing, isn’t it? But, you have to remember here that having a proper plan might actually come in handy. After all, you will need a place to spend the nights.

In this post, we will provide you with a list of a few places you should definitely visit. This list will help you find nearby resorts in Wayanad so that you can spend more time exploring Nature rather than traveling from one place to another.

  • Chembra peak
    • Chembra Peak is the highest peak in Wayanad. The distance of 3 K.M trek to reach the top is filled with lush greenery that will fill your heart with a sense of peace.            
    • There is a cute heart-shaped lake nestled on the way which you would have never imagined to exist in that location.
    • Climbing Chembra Peak could be equated to seeing entire Wayanad.
  • Edakkal cave
    • A stone in between a cave, this place provides you with more than just a glimpse into the past.
    • Drawn on the walls of the cave are drawings belonging to the Stone Age.
    • It is situated at the height of about 1200m from the sea level which brings some cool sea breeze as you trace the patterns on the rocks.
    • Combine the scenic beauty that captures your senses, Edakkal Caves should be on your list.
  • Pookode lake
    • Also called the Pookote Lake, this place is surrounded by forests and hills.
    • Water cascades from the hills to form into a freshwater lake with a children’s park, boat rides, and aquarium nearby.
    • If you are planning a trip with your family, don’t forget to visit Pookode Lake.
  • Kalpetta town
    • As the main town, you can find many resorts in Wayanad here. Various picturesque locations can be easily reached from this town, so plan your stay accordingly.
    • Visit Soochipara Falls, Meenmuthy Falls, and Kanthapara Falls from Kalpetta. As the falls are at quite a distance from each other, it is advisable to select one place each day and enjoy it to the fullest.
    • Each of these waterfalls is unique and has something different to offer to the travelers, ranging from a view of the tea estates to the treks for adventure lovers.
  • Tholpetty wildlife reserve
    • As a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Tholpetty Sanctuary has some exotic wildlife safeguarded in it.
    • Carry binoculars along not to miss any of the dashing birds or animals that might decide to tease you for fun.

The months from September to March are the best time to plan an unforgettable trip to Wayanad.