No one is unfamiliar with the sights and sounds of New York City. You may live across the world, but you must have witnessed the city in a show or movie. New York City is all that a modern, developed and crowded metropolitan represents. In the city there are bars, museums, hotels, shops and everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. It brings together people from all walks of life. My first visit to New York City was enough to make me fall in love it. I was able to sell American Express points to manage a cheap flight from San Francisco international airport. I have to admit that I thought it would be my sole trip, but who would have thought that my heart would want to visit again and again. After multiple trips and a yearlong stay in Manhattan on a job assignment, I feel like I know the city inside out. Hence for new travelers, I have compiled a list of the most fun and exciting things to do in the city.

  1. Central Park

Central Park is probably one of the most famous parks in the whole world. Even though it is just a park, there is something special about the place. It is a heartwarming urban park in the midst of the concrete jungle that is New York City. Maybe this is what makes it stand out. From the park, you can see huge skyscrapers but within its vicinity, you feel so close to nature and serenity. You can spend an entire day at the park, trying the different food vendors, sitting by the lake, exploring the mini zoo and walking on the pathways. Cycling around the park is quite fun too.

  1. Empire State Building

New York City is a proper modern metropolitan with amazing architectural sites. One such site is the magnificent Empire State Building. Now I know it sounds just like another tall building but once you climb all the way up to the observation deck, you will know why visiting this iconic structure is worth it. The views of New York City from up here are unbeatable.

  1. Metropolitan Museum of Art

This is one of the most popular and well-known museums in the whole world, as big and iconic as the Louvre in Paris. It boasts world class art collections. Its popularity can be evidenced by the number of visitors it welcomes every year. Close to 7 million people visited the museum in 2016. You can spend hours being mesmerized by art work in this gigantic museum.

  1. Rockefeller Center

Famous for its ice rink and iconic Christmas tree, the Rockefeller center is always bustling with crowds. The design and art of the buildings is quite eye-catching.

  1. Statue of Liberty

A gift from the people of France, the statue of liberty located on the New York harbor has become a symbol of unity for the diverse groups of people living in the country. It is quite a sight to behold and the ride to the Liberty Island where the magnificent statue stands is quite exciting.