Private and Government both sectors have announced different Hajj packages from Pakistan. It is up to your budget and requirements that you choose which one from these varieties of Hajj packages. Every agency offers different amenities during Hajj and it charges as per the expenses and convenience. If a man is going alone then you have the option to choose the affordable Hajj packages from Pakistan 2019 but with the family or women they need to check some other factors as well. The Hajj Pakistan packages 2019 with family are different. For the women, it is important to know how they can share the responsibility of their spouse. They should take some accessories and responsibilities to make their Hajj Journey easy, convenient and spiritually fruitful.

List of Accessories other than Hajj Packages from Pakistan

  1. hand and body towels and
  2. Sheets
  3. Ihram outfits more than one
  4. Comfy scarf to wear indoors
  5. Tennis shoes, coat hangers, funny pack, tissues, Band-Aids
  6. Broken in rubber sandals, pajamas, socks, robes,
  7. Hair tie backs, surgical mast to wear out in crowds
  8. Suitcase, small bag for Arafat
  9. Pillow, wash cloth in plastic bag
  10. Non-scented soap
  11. Fanny packs, camp stool, dua and other Islamic books
  12. Quran
  13. Sunscreen, chap stick
  14. Prayer rug
  15. umbrella
  16. Waterless hand wash liquid
  17. Plastic cup and Water bottle carrier
  18. Battery light and stool
  19. Paste and toothbrush
  20. Eye drops and other medicines

All these things are not included in your Hajj packages. Your agent will guide you about these things that you should take with you. All these items are not included in your Hajj packages from Pakistan. The majority of the people want to know about the food that they can get in Makah and Medina. Food is excluded in Hajj packages from Pakistan 2019. You need to buy food from the nearby hotels. One more thing that makes your traveling easy is the water storage system. You need insulated water bottles in mina and Arafat.  In these bottles, you can store water. Keep in your mind that these things are not included in your Hajj Pakistan packages 2019. You have to do all these arrangements from Pakistan or in the Saudi Arabia by your own.

Choose the Travel Bag that is Easy to Drag

Travel bags should be very spacious and comfortable for your Hajj journey. These must be sure to provide the greater convenience during the travel because comfort in travel is a very important factor. It should be spacious and comfy.

Search for the Suitable Hajj Packages

Due to the advent of internet, you can check the variety of the Hajj packages from Pakistan on your internet browser. If it is your first time then it is good to discuss your necessaries with other family members or friends who have performed Hajj. You can discuss how much you need in Saudi Arab for you expenses other than Hajj packages from Pakistan 2019. This increases your convenience in the journey. Always check variety of Hajj Pakistan packages 2019 before taking a final decision.