Recent research has shown that the average age of a Homo sapiens is 69 years. Travelling has the magic to increase your age as well as improve one’s health. So before dying, you guys must visit this incredible places that will bring a positive and last long effect to your health.

 The Great Wall of China

The chines masterpiece and true reflection of history. This Great Wall is approximately 5 miles long and constructed 2000 years ago by the prisoners. This is such a magnificent masterpiece that travelers are suggested to visit it in working days instead of holidays.

The Great Blue Hole, Belize

Such a wonderful god’s creation the great Blue Hole has a depth of 407 feet and 980 feet wide. This sinkhole was discovered by the divers at the coast of Belize.

Pamukkale, Turkey

There are many things in this world to travel but no one can denies the beauty of Pamukkale. In springs, this is the most recommendable place to spend vacations.