Everyone has a past and you can’t deny from this fact. So what’s so big deal if Myanmar once went through tough struggle which put it on a state of a doubt for safety. But that was all about the past and now Myanmar day tours much safe and peaceful travel destination for families. This golden land nestled between the neighboring borders of India and China. Therefore, the country has the perfect colorful mixture of two different countries extraordinary local culture, customs, and traditions which will be a different experience for one to cherish and know more about it. Its historic temples, ancient stories, lifestyle and hospitality of the locals will amaze the travelers and give warm welcome to them like their own.

Best time to visit

Although Myanmar can be explored for the whole year-round but for Yangon day tours, the best time period considered for travelers are September to March when its temperature is at the peak of breeze. For those who want to experience the extreme beauty of winter then Myanmar would be your choice.  After decades of being off-limits, Myanmar conventionally now considered becomes one of Southeast Asia’s most fascinating destinations for travelers for all-season.

Best place to visit

Myanmar is rich in natural scenery and architectural sites to spot if you are here for the very first time. One could spend his entire life in just exploring Myanmar mesmerizing iconic destination which is countless. The best to encounter its beauty is well complemented with Myanmar river cruise which provides traveler a luxurious vacation experience here. What’s more exciting- well if you are water lover and desire to get ri9d of all your life-stress win the flow of water hold your breath because Myanmar pristine beaches in Dawei won’t let you down.

Destination for trekking lover

If you are adventure lover and have a craze for hill trekking then good news for you, Myanmar again spot the priority destination in your list. Climbing Mandalay hill is full of adventurous which will be a fun moment you will experience. Once you reach the top of Mandalay, view you can see from your eyes almost give you a feeling that you are in heaven.

Whatever you expect from your trip, Myanmar has everything to allure your attention for it. Undoubtedly, this country is the ideal place to indulge your expectation where you experience a country unlike any other.

There are also famous trekking spots such as Kalaw: the former British hill station on the western edge of Shan plateau, Hsipaw a nice hilly town which has retained Haw or Shan Palace where Sawbwas lived, and good base for treks in northern Shan state, Chin states: at the western of Myanmar surrounded by magnificent pine forests will be a great adventure for those who love to explore such remote lands with indigenous hill tribes, and Loikaw: the small town is naturally decorated the picturesque lakes, hill scenery and distinctive tribal cultures. The most internationally famous “long-necked” Kayan tribes home on this beautiful land. Keng Tong is a small town in the Eastern Shan State and the capital city of the Golden Triangle Region and famous for its villages of several hill-tribes such as Lahu, Akha, La Mone and Shans residing in the surrounding areas.